Our Volume Rendering Technology

Based on out-of-core streaming technology, our renderer handles hundreds of gigabytes of volumetric data, provides unique interaction techniques and cloud support for easy access and remote inspection and collaboration. We provide software components for integration into your software.

Use cases

  • Visual inspection in casting, welding, molding.
  • Visualization and analysis of sensor data, e.g. chipping technology or additive manufacturing
  • Research and teaching, e.g. material sciences

Web app

Large volumetric datasets typically require powerful graphics workstations and heavyweight desktop applications. This makes it difficult to collaborate and share data and insights. Our streaming technology allows world-wide collaboration without transmitting potentially sensible data.

Smart interactions

Our technology integrates real-time analysis and interaction techniques to improve workflows. Tight coupling of analysis algorithms and visualization eliminates the need for complex user interfaces and and tabular representations.

Dive into your data

Incremental data processing fetches data just-in-time, depending on the viewpoint and down to microscopic structures.

Data sources

  • 3D sensor data
  • Computed tomography
  • Electron microscopes
  • Simulation data


  • Support for large volumetric data
  • Fast high-quality direct volume rendering
  • Integration into your software as video stream, via images or as local website.
  • Runs in the cloud and on-premises.
  • Fast stereo rendering und VR/AR support.

Licensing and customization

Depending on your needs we provide:

  • Software development licenses
  • Long-term support and maintenance contracts
  • Customization and integration support for your existing software

For more information contact office@aardworx.at