Our PointShare Technology

Pointshare brings collaborative point cloud rendering into the web browser. The technology can be licensed and integrated in your workflow or application easily.

Use cases

  • Laser scanning & surveying applications
  • Visualization of 3D sensor measurements.

Accessibility via Upload and Share Link

Our technology provides:

  • Low-threshold visualization in the browser
  • Data upload into your cloud infrastructure
  • Share link creation and collaborative viewing, comments and annotations


  • Independent of scanners or vendors we support major pointcloud formats such as pts, e57 or lasz.
  • Our renderer can easily integrated into websites as react component.
  • Our cloud api allows management, upload and for example share link creation.
  • Visualization runs directly in the browser and supports mobile devices.

Licensing and customization

We offer off-the-shelf licensing, cloud shipping or integration in your existing software. Depending on your needs we provide:

  • Long-term support and maintenance contracts
  • Customization, wo fit our technolgy into your product.