VoxelShare VR

Volumetric data is particularly hard to explore, undertand and analyze. Beyond surfaces like CAD data, volumetric data inspection surpassingly profits from real 3D display and interaction technology.

Use cases

  • High-impact presentations
  • Visual inspection, e.g. additive manufacturing, or casting and molding
  • Teaching and knowledge transfer
  • Research and development, e.g. process optimization, material sciences

Specialized analysis and guided interactions

This research module for ÖGI demonstrates interaction of analysis and 3D interaction to measure porosity as easy as possible.

Data sources

  • Computed tomography
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Electron microsocopes
  • Simulation data

Licensing and customization

We offer a yearly license including support for importing and dealing with data and are always interested in domain-specific additions and customized modules.