„VoxelShare makes instant sharing and analysis of large volumetric datasets a reality. It is as simple as sharing and collaborating on text documents.“

Computed tomography (CT) and additive manufacturing (AM) are becoming more and more important in production. VoxelShare enables instant sharing and collaboration on large volumetric datasets.

Team members, partners, and customers can inspect, measure and annotate datasets at the same time, and you can see changes as they happen.

All you need is a web browser and you are ready to go. Access terabytes of data within seconds. No matter where you are.


  • No expensive hardware is required - the app runs in the browser.
  • VoxelShare is fast. Opening a 100 GB dataset takes less than 5 seconds.
  • Sharing is simple. Just send a share link or grant access to existing users.
  • VoxelShare is built for world-wide collaboration.


The VoxelShare client app runs inside your web browser. This means, that

  • all user interaction is always fast and responsive
  • runs on any device, any time, everywhere
  • visual voxel data is streamed from the server as needed
  • no need for software rollout and update management
  • no expensive graphics workstations needed

Datasets are managed on the server. This means, that

  • all access permissions are centrally managed
  • datasets never leave your protected IT environment
  • hardware is shared by clients and utilized to its full capacity

Measurements and visualization modes

VoxelShare is based on our high-performance volume visualization technology and provides various visualization modes such as ISO or direct volume rendering. Instead of operating on image slices, VoxelShare allows to directly measure in 3D, leveraging the full potential of 3D data.


We provide taylored setups depending on your needs.
Currently we support the following scenarios:

  • VoxelShare hosted by us (Microsoft Azure).
  • VoxelShare hosted by you (Microsoft Azure).
  • VoxelShare hosted by you (on-premises, docker containers).
VoxelShare is currently in beta stage. We provide test environments for interested customers.

Press and Media

Recently, an article on VoxelShare appeared in Giesserei magazine (January 2023). It can be downloaded here.

For more information contact office@aardworx.at.