Volume Data

3D Sensor Data, Computed Tomography.

Our unique volume engine creates insightful and appealing real-time visualizations. It can easily be integrated into production monitoring systems, laboratory environments, existing analysis tools or web applications and can stream across a network or the internet for sharing and collaboration. There are no size limits, except your storage capacity. Ultra-low latency and high frame rates make it even suitable for Virtual Reality (VR) applications.

Point Clouds

Simulation Data, Lidar, Photogrammetry.

Our PointShare technology supports multiple concurrent users, and point clouds of arbitrary size, only limited by storage capacity. Datasets can be shared and users can immediately start to collaborate accross the internet. You can even use our PointShare API to integrate or control features directly in your own software. All data can be hosted by you and therefore keeps completely under your control.

Remote Collaboration

Anywhere, anytime, any device.

Visualization and collaboration features can be used anywhere, anytime, and on any device which supports modern web technologies. Our unique streaming technology enables secure and fast visualization over the internet. No need to transfer excessive amounts of data to clients or give access to original raw scans. Use-Case tailored collaborative features allow to seamlessly work together as if you are sitting right together in front of your workstation.

Application areas

For users, our software makes working with large 3D data easy. For software vendors we provide easy-to-integrate libraries for dealing with large data efficiently and add value to their products. Depending on the kind of data, we also provide specialized features. Currently, our technologies are applied in

  • Casting, quality inspection, additive manufacturing, materials research, cultural heritage and museums. VoxelShare allows for easy sharing, measurements and remote collaboration on large volumetric datasets. Eiter locally, hosted in your own on-premises environment, or hosted in the cloud, our software removes the hurdle of working with this data and makes it approachable. VoxelShare VR lets you explore the data in virtual reality and provides high-impact presentations (e.g. exhibitions, events, company tours).
  • Production steps such as welding or additive manifacturing methods strive for quality assurance, analysis of potential and automated optimization of the processes. 3D data by those methods can be handled by our Volume Visualization Technology for dense data or Point Share Technology for sparse measurements.
  • In construction (e.g. for BIM), surveying 3D data is often represented as point clouds (e.g. obtained by laser-scanning or photogrammetry). Our Point Share Technology provides and end-to-end solution for working collaboratively and deals and solves the data transfer and data storage problem effectively. It runs in all major browsers, can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

Research and teaching

When studying materials understanding the underlying 3D structure of Our virtual reality application Volume Inspect is used successfully used in materials science and teaching.

„VR gives very intuitive access to 3D data, providing real added value in component inspection.“
Dr. Bernd Oberdorfer, Austrian Foundry Research Institute (ÖGI)

„The Volume VR software installed fine and the result is insanely cool!!!! 😊 I've probably spent an hour just looking at volumes.“
Dr. Magnus Röding, RISE Research Institutes

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